As Sarah’s passion for a healthier lifestyle grew over the years, so did her ambition to help others and so she left behind her career in Oil and Gas several years ago to pursue Personal Training. Sarah studied Personal Training and Corrective Exercise with the National Academy of Sports Medicine in the United States and is a certified CrossFit L1 coach. In addition to private or small group training, Sarah coached Level 1 CrossFit which was dedicated to beginners of the community. Being a stickler for form and technique, Sarah loved the slower paced class and working closely with members to learn the basics of Crossfit and technical lifts.

Sarah wants to make a positive impact in her clients lives and she works extremely hard to ensure that they come out of the process feeling happier, more confident and of course healthier. Her programs are varied, challenging and above all fun. Ultimately she aims to educate her clients on how to achieve their personal goals and sustain them.

Sarah believes that fitness and nutrition will nourish and enrich your life. It’s a lifestyle that there is no quick fix for. Being a self-proclaimed foodie, Sarah loves to eat and is always trying her hand at something new in the kitchen. To live well, you need to eat well and this is a motto she stands by. So whether your goal is to improve your strength, weight management or general training for a healthier life, Sarah is committed to helping you get there.