Struggle to find the time to get a workout in now your little one has arrived? Struggling to get motivated and back into exercise? Let me help you.

Getting back into an exercise routine after having a baby takes planning and motivation. For many this can be a daunting prospect. Working out may be the furthest thing from your mind but many mums find it has a positive impact on energy levels and their mood. It is also proven to reduce the risk of mothers experiencing postnatal depression.

Let me take you through a personalised exercise routine that will target all the major muscle groups which are ideal for shifting that extra baby weight and correcting pregnancy posture.

No need to worry about childcare as baby is more than welcome to come too. Let this be a time where you can also bond with your baby. We will be exercising safely in the comfort of a private studio where it is only ever yourself, baby and me, your PT. 

Interested? Please feel free to drop me an email at;